"As a parent, my favorite thing about SHABACH!'s Summer Enrichment Program is seeing how much my daughter looked forward to attending the camp each day. She couldn't stop talking about all of the exciting and fun activities that she participated in throughout the day!" -M.W. Parent, SHABACH! Summer Enrichment 2011

January 31, 2015 – Operating Status:  Normal

SHABACH! Christian Academy provides an excellent Christ-centered academic program for our students. We believe that it is the responsibility of the Christian school to teach truth, foster intellectual development, employ Christian educators, and operate all school practices and policies with integrity.

United Way number is 8963 and our CFC number is 13132.

Program Highlights


  • STEM Programming at SHABACH! through Aviation

Digital Teaching Platform

  • SHABACH! goes digital at 4th grade! Core instruction delivered through Time to Know.

Powerful Year Long Themes

  • Kindergarten – “WISE Owl”
  • 1st Grade – “Exploring Our World” Exploration
  • 2nd Grade – “Country Spaces… City Places” Change
  • 3rd Grade – “We Learn as We Grow” Growth & Cycles
  • 4th Grade – “Putting the Pieces Together: The Leader in Me” Leadership
  • 5th Grade – “One System” Systems
  • 6th Grade – “Life Inc. Designs by God” Interdependence & Stewardship
TK-7th Grade Thursday Announcements 1.29.2015
SHABACH! CHRISTIAN ACADEMY Thursday Announcements January 29, 2015   Ms. McNeil says … In just a few weeks enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year opens to the public!  If you are planning to enroll for next year, we need you to d...
There is No All Day Care Available today for our PG Students!
Tuesday, January 27th - 2 Hour Delay Today!
All Departments will have a delayed opening today! Homeschool group classes will begin at 10 am. Drive Safely!
2 Hour Delay Today!
All Departments will open on a two hr delay.  The MLK Chapel will be cancelled.
2 Hour-Delayed Opening
All Departments will Open on a 2-Hour Delay!

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Technology integration moving full steam ahead at SHABACH!

SCA is the only school in the area that is implementing Time to Know!

Time To Know (T2K) is a teacher-led Digital Teaching Platform (DTP) solution to improve education practices and give students the critical thinking skills they need to compete in a global economy.  Founded by Education advocate and business and technology leader Shmuel Meitr and launched in 2007.

T2K is the first DTP solution available to provide a breakthrough A-Z digital curriculum for grades 4-5 Math and English Language Arts in the classrooms.

T2K is designed for one-on-one or high-density computing classrooms and includes a variety of multimedia resources and a sophisticated teacher toolkit to engage students and encourage peer collaboration.

T2K allows teachers to individualize student learning through customized assignments, launch activities for whole class or individual instruction, monitor student and class progress, build formative and summative assessments, and develop reports to demonstrate results.

Through ongoing training, teachers develop strategies for individualizing instruction, building collaborative learning skills, monitoring student progress in real time, and establishing reflective teaching practices.

Parent University is a way to strengthen the school experience for students. Helping parents develop both an understanding of critical school content and effective parenting skills enable the learner to be able to focus on instruction while at school. We believe that strong connections between home and school are essential to student success!

Session I “Take a Second Look!”
November 2, 2013

Understanding your child and the adult that they will one day be requires that the adults that are responsible for their care – make a committed, conscious decision to avoid relationships out of habit! In this session we will look at the science behind relationships! You will leave with insight and strategies for renewing your relationship with your child.

Appropriate for all parents.

Session II “Behavior and Discipline are Two Different Things!”
January 18, 2014

Parents must understand that the adult response to children’s behavior either instills discipline or promotes the development of rebellion. This critical conversation is designed to equip parents with information and tools that will enable them to teach, train and strengthen young problem-solvers!

Appropriate for all parents.

Session III “The Science of Boredom!” – Preparing for Adolescence
March 22, 2014

A child’s movement into adolescence is significant for both the child and their family. Despite that parents tend to be blindsided by challenges that are a natural part of the process. Come and spend time in discussion about the “whats and whys” so that you can be equipped to help your child navigate the changes that are a part of the process while planning on ways to maintain your own sanity in the process!

It’s never too early for a parent to plan… this session is open to all parents. We encourage the parents of Preschoolers to attend!

List of Achievements for School Year 2012 – 2013

Conduct & Character

16 students were Awarded Outstanding Citizenship Awards!
8 were awarded the Fruit of the Spirit Award!
K-5th Grade our Students averaged a 94.2% for their Conduct!
25 5th and 6th Graders completed more than 450 hours of service for the community!
Our 5th graders led the way with a focus on Homelessness!  They ran both a Coat Drive and a Jean Drive!  Collecting 250 coats and more than 400 pairs of Jeans!
The SCA Dance Ensemble ministered at a local Prayer Breakfast and at two Homeschool events!

Academic Achievement

K-6th Grade- We averaged 1.3 Years ABOVE Grade Level on Standardized Tests!
Our Kindergarteners Averaged in the 95th Percentile in Reading, the 85th Percentile in Math and at the 88th Percentile on the Complete Battery of Tests that they took this Spring!
All other grade levels scored above the national average on the complete battery of the tests that they took this Spring!
On Standardized Tests, 26% of our students scored more than 2 years above grade level!
K-5th Grade we had a 90.5 average in Reading for the year!
K-6th Grade we averaged a 94.1 in Science and 92% in Social Studies for the year!
4-6th Grade we averaged 88% in English!
K-6th Grade we averaged 91% in Bible for the year!
K-6th Grade we averaged 87% in Math for the year!
93% of 3rd through 6th Grade maintained a 3.0 GPA or better for the year!
56% of 3rd through 6th Grade averaged a GPA of 3.5 or HIGHER for the year, earning Academic Excellence Awards as a result!
K-2nd Grade our students averaged a 91% across all subjects for the year!

Reading Victories!

Our 1st -6th Grade Read and passed tests for comprehension on 2010 books! (The Staff wasn’t silly enough to challenge them again this year!) J
At the intermediate level, our top reader passed comprehension tests having read 1.7 million words!
At the Primary level, our top reader read and passed tests on 114 books!

Other Stuff…

The SCA Choir had a successful Launch this year!
Our Enrichment Clubs continued to be active!
SHABACH! Scholars were challenged about their Physical Fitness!
We successfully Launched our SCA innovations Fair! Students designed innovative solutions to common everyday problems!  They submitted and presented their innovations to a panel of Judges.  There was BIG success, all the way around!
We navigated a successful Launch of Time To Know this year! Time To Know has asked to videotape implementation of the Digital Teaching Platform at SHABACH!

What are the kids saying?

“One thing that I like about my school is the fact that we have a great balance here. What I mean is even though we are being challenged academically, we are given the opportunity to have fun with the many activities they offer.”

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