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We operate a curriculum-based program during the school year. Our curriculum is based on a unique blend of Abeka Christian curriculum and SHABACH! enhanced preschool curriculum. Our summer program is based on interactive, playful learning and development, while reminding them what they have learned during the academic year.

Elementary School

Our yearlong themes, published annually, are built around the Common Core State Standards. Our themes are written in such a way that parents and students know at the beginning of the year all of the topics and skills that will be taught during the course of the year.

Middle School

The Middle School years are a time of significant change for both a child and his/her family.  Here at SHABACH! we offer a well-rounded, intellectually, spiritually, physically active program designed to address the needs of young adolescents.

Home School

We develop and manage programs to assist parents with the academic objectives of students of all learning styles. Our goal is that each student becomes a master of academic skills, a life-long learner, and an example of Godly character.