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Giving plays a vital role in SHABACH!’s ability to provide funds for critical components of its programs. As you may be aware, tuition falls short of covering the actual cost of educating each student. Your tax-deductible contribution allows SHABACH! to fill this gap and address funding for technology, performing arts, athletics, music, field trips, faculty, and other areas of fiscal need.

Although it would seem easy to align tuition with annual expenses, doing so is exceedingly difficult given the enrollment fluctuations that all private faith-based schools face. To set tuition proactively, the increase required to adequately hedge enrollment risk would be so high that it would cause a drop in enrollment of its own accord. Instead, SHABACH! families receive an incredible education at a discount to its actual cost, with the option to fund the difference as a tax-deductible contribution.

Contributing and/or Giving means you are exercising the option to fully or partially fund your child’s SHABACH! education. We know, however, that contributions are a deeply personal decision, but hope you will give with pride for the wonderful education SHABACH! provides our children — each gift is needed and appreciated.

Please join us in supporting SHABACH! Exercise your option to fully fund the education of each of your children by making your contribution to SHABACH! by clicking on the Donation tab. The value of your child’s experiences will exceed that of your contribution!

Workplace Giving

Support SHABACH! through the United Way or Combined Federal Campaign. SHABACH!’s United Way number is 8963 and our CFC number is 13132.

In addition, many employers have matching gift programs for employees making donations to a qualifying non-profit. Contact your Human Resources Department to find out your company’s Matching Gift policies and maximize your gift to SHABACH!

Click Here to Donate

Volunteering at SHABACH!

Volunteering is an important part of the SHABACH! experience for parents in so many ways. It allows you to meet fellow parents, brings the SHABACH! Communities together as they work on a common goal or project, and help our children have an excellent education. SCA has achieved great things since our founding in 1987 due in large part to the generous spirit of volunteers, for which we are deeply grateful.

For more information on how you can become and active volunteer, please contact us.