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We operate a curriculum-based program during the school year. Our curriculum is based on a unique blend of Abeka Christian curriculum and SHABACH! enhanced preschool curriculum. Our summer program is based on interactive, playful learning and development, while reminding them what they have learned during the academic year.

Two (2) Year Old Program

Our program is designated to adequately meet the needs of two (2) year olds.

  • Spiritual Development – To worship God with daily devotions, praise & worship and Biblical teachings, while incorporating biblical principles into their learning experience.
  • Potty Training – To obtain and master potty training techniques.
  • Speech & Language Development – Teaching properly enunciate words, while helping them to use and understand the basic language.
  • Cognitive Skills – To recognize basic colors, shapes, numbers and letters.
  • Social Skills – Students will learn to interact with and respect others.
  • Gross Motor Skills – To use large muscles, for example, running, climbing, bending, and reaching etc.
  • Fine Motor Skills – To use small muscles; specifically their hands and fingers, for example: holding a spoon, picking up small objects and using crayons.

Three (3) Year Old Program

The SHABACH Christian Learning Center three (3) year old curriculum consists of these areas of focus.

  • Spiritual Development – To worship God with daily devotions, praise & worship, and Biblical teachings while incorporating the other 5 areas of focus.
  • Speech & Language Development – To speak in complete sentences. Articulate expressive and receptive language.
  • Cognitive Skills – Introducing the alphabet and phonetic sounds. Recognizing and mastering the concept of numbers 1 – 30.
  • Social Skills – To follow directions, make choices and follow three (3) step directions. To become independent and self-reliant, while learning to interact with others and being able to tolerate limits.
  • Gross Motor Skills – To use large muscles, for example: self-feeding, cutting, coloring, handwriting and all basic physical activities.
  • Fine Motor Skills – To assemble simple puzzles, copy simple shapes, and cutting out objects.

Four (4) Year Old Program

Excellent, Exuberant and Extraordinary are three (3) adjectives that we use to describe our wonderful four (4) year old program. Let’s just say it is an experience for which any parent and child would be grateful. Our teachings have proven to meet the individual needs of the whole child. It is an academically structured program, as well as fun-filled, spiritually and morally enriching.

  • Spiritual Development – To worship God with daily devotionals, praise and worship, and Biblical teachings while incorporating the following areas as well.
  • Speech & Language Development – To develop logical thinking skills, speak in a relatively complex sentences, and understand words that relate to one idea to another.
  • Cognitive Skills – To master the alphabet, become familiar with sounds, blends, and formulating small words. To set a basic foundation for early childhood literacy.
  • Social Skills –  To help children learn to express their creativity and individuality. To develop great self-control and ingenuity.
  • Gross Motor Skills – To gain an increase in all basic physical activities such as, climbing, running, jumping forward and backwards over objects.
  • Fine Motor Skills – To set a strong foundation in developing their fine motor skills. We will target the following areas: writing, cutting, picking up objects and coloring.